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Using modern techniques and materials we can help you keep your mouth clean, healthy and attractive. We have been replacing teeth with Dental Implants in Ipswich for 15 years.


This site contains information about our practices, our team, how to contact us, where to find us and the services that we routinely undertake.


There is a guide to our professional fees and information about what we do.


There are also links to the web sites of the dental implant and CAD/CAM inlay and crown manufacturing systems that we use, and to the British Dental Association site for patients.


Our practice computers and software have recently been updated. The software will automatically remind you of your appointments, and indeed it will remind you if you haven’t had one for a while!


 The system includes tablet computers which will enable you to update your details, your confidential medical history, or complete a lifestyle  questionnaire, NHS forms and the NHS ‘Friends and family test’.


You can now book online or use our app which will include the on-line booking and a rewards scheme for recommending us and our app to your friends, family and colleagues.





Dr Paul Rolfe BDS

Practice Principal

       01473 251955                 01787 247046                         01787 882722

Our aim is to help you look after your teeth so they

provide you with a healthy smile for life.

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